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Jeffrey Thomas is teaching private Guitar, Bass and Ukulele students around the world with Webcams, Skype, ooVoo, Yahoo Messenger or Google Hangouts. Schedule your FREE LESSON NOW!!!

Skype Beginner Guitar Lessons

Roni Acoustic

Today was the 2nd official lesson with my Sister who is a total beginner but has alot of natural music ability. She sings and is way funky and catching onto the guitar very quickly. I hope she does not read this or her ego will expolde. Anyway, in her beginner guitar lessons I am making


On The Workbench: Fleetwood Mac “Never Going Back Again” Guitar Lesson

Fleetwood Mac Rumors

I am just putting this tune up on the workbench now.  I am going with “Drop D” and Capo at the 5th.  This is a long standing song request from the Father of one of my favorite students to learn “Never Going Back Again” by Fleetwood Mac.  Every time I bring it up to her


What I Learned From Lulo Reinhardt

Me & Lulo

 Sometimes things just fall into place.  When I made the choice to play Jazz seriously again I went through alot of guitars, Dupont MD50 a Wes Montgomery Gibson and finally I settled on the Lulo Reinhardt Model.  I bought the guitar in 2009 and never thought that I would hang out someday with Lulo.  So, when


Online Guitar Lessons Music Theory Senior Project On Skype

Skype guitar lesson screenshot Joey

Let me introduce you all to my good friend and ripping guitar student Joey. Shown here getting a little whacky with his camera filters. Joey has been studying with me for 5 years now and his style of choice is: Shredcore, Nu-Metal, Gridcore, Black Metal, Deathgrind or whatever it is being called this week. I


Online Guitar Lessons “Sound To Sight” Teaching Guitar To The Blind


Online guitar lessons have allowed me to meet my buddy Tony Gebhard. Tony is exactly like me and you except he is blind…he tells me it is his blindness that brought him to the guitar. In my experience teaching the blind I notice how quick and developed their hearing is. It only makes sense for